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    HIT Outstanding Enrolled International Students Scholarship


    Foundation and Purpose of the Scholarship

    In aim of further improvement the cultivation quality to the international students, and motivating them to achieve outstanding scores in both studies and scientific researches, the outstanding international students'scholarship in HIT was founded.

    Awards Winners

    The outstanding international students are studying at HIT.

    The type, Quota and Standard of the Scholarship

    1. Self-paying Outstanding International Students Scholarship
      The self-paying outstanding international students’ scholarship is limited to sophomore and junior international students who are taught in Chinese. The scholarship is chosen and elected as the unit of grade, the quota of each grade is subject to the current year’s notice, the time limit of the scholarship is one year, and the standard of the scholarship is shown as follows:
      Major award: tuition waiver, living expenses providing(1000yuan per month)
      Minor award: tuition waiver
      Third-class award: 50% deduction of the tuition
      Fourth-class award: 20% deduction of the tuition
      After the expiry of the scholarship, Students may participate in the next year’s scholarship judgment.

    2. Outstanding International Students Scholarship
      Recommended by each school, the outstanding international students who win the title of “three goods” are awarded with 1000 yuan at a time.

    HIT “Star” Scholarship

    Students who are selected as the HIT Star are awarded 500 Yuan at a time
    Condition of the election:

    1. Comply with the laws of China and the rules and principles of HIT.

    2. Be on the straight, unite students, respect teachers.

    3. With hard working, excellent scores, and research achievements in his or her study field.

    4. Take part in the activities organized by school actively, and have outstanding performance.

    5. Achieve awards in all kinds of competition on behalf of HIT.

    Application for Scholarship

    Students who apply for the self-paying international students scholarship, international students scholarship and scholarship per month, should participate in the election organized by each school (department), and relative documents should be handed in by each school (department) and examined by the international student center.

    The outstanding international students scholarship is elected once a year, and the election time is in middle July. All documents needed shall not be sent back and not be accepted past the deadline.

    Materials Needed

    1. application form of the Outstanding International Students Scholarship in HIT

    2. Report card during the study period in HIT.

    3. Recommendation letter of respective school.

    4. Copy of the honor certificates.

    5. Letter of self-recommendation.

    Supplementary Articles

    All students who have been awarded with the outstanding international students scholarship, once are found behaviors as fellow, the school shall cancel his or her qualification of scholarship, withdraw the scholarship and honor certificates, and circulate a notice of criticism.

    1. Break the rules and disciplines of HIT, laws of China.

    2. Not register on time without approve, leave school, be absent from class for over two weeks for non-health reasons.

    3. Fail more than 30% of the courses during the period of scholarship taken.

    4. Students who fail to go up to the next grade.

    5. Students who discontinue his or her studies for personal reasons after scholarship.

    [download] application form

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