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    Harbin Institute of Technology New Student Guidebook


    Ⅰ.Arrival School Location


    Students can transfer from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou to Harbin.

    Beijing to Harbin: around 2 hours by plane

    Shanghai to Harbin: around 3 hours by plane

    Guangzhou to Harbin: around 5 hours by plane

    1. Airport?pickup service

    If you want to book the airport pickup service, please contact with?your?admission coordinator (marked on the Admission Notice) beforehand. It?may cost 350-400 RMB (around 50-60 USD).?

    2.?Other Transportation Guide

    HIT address: No. 92, Xidazhi Street Nangang District, Harbin

    a.?How to get to HIT from the?airport?

    Method 1:Take the No. 1 airport shuttle bus, and get off at Minhang Building station(terminal station), then take No. 82 bus to HIT.?

    Method 2: Take a taxi to HIT. It takes 45 minutes?at a cost of 100-120RMB(around 17 USD).

    b.?How to get to HIT from the?Harbin railway station?

    Method 1:Take No. 11, 64, 94, 107 bus to HIT.

    Method 2: Take a taxi to HIT. It takes 10 minutes?at a cost of 10RMB(less than 2 USD).

    c.?How to get to HIT from the?Harbin West railway station?

    Method 1:Take No. 3 metro line?to Yidaer station, and then?transfer to No.1train to HIT.

    Method 2: Take No. 64, 31 bus to HIT.

    Method 3: Take a taxi to HIT. It takes 20 minutes?at a cost of 20RMB(less than 4 USD).

    Note:?Please take the licensed?taxi.


    Ⅱ. New Student Registration

    1. Materials

    a. Passport with 2 copies

    b.?X1/X2 visa page copy

    c.?Admission Notice(original)

    d.?JW202/201 Form(original)

    e.?8 photos (3.5*4.9cm)

    f.?Original application materials for admission

    g.?Tuition, accommodation and other fees should be paid in Chinese currency (Bank cards with Union Pay can be used. Or students could apply for a new bank card to pay for the fees.)

    2. Registration?date and place

    Date: Please refer to the Admission Notice.

    Place: College of International Education, HIT (No. 11, Siling Street, Nangang District, Harbin)


    a.?Freshmen should register at HIT according to the time limit on the Admission Notice. Students should notify the College of International Education (hereinafter refer to CIE) one week in advance in case of early or late registration. Those who fail to register for two weeks after the expiration of leave or fail to register for two weeks from the first day of registration without permission(except force majeure factor), will be considered as giving up admission qualification.?

    b.?Students need to fill in the Registration Form, pay for the fees, then could get registration qualification, process school cards and certificates, and transfer the visa to residence permit.?

    c.?At the beginning of each semester, students should return to school and register at CIE on time. If fail to register and pay for the fees at the prescribed time, student status will be cancelled automatically.


    Ⅲ. Visa and Residence Permit


    a.?Please take your valid passport, Admission Notice, JW 201/202 Form and Foreigner Physical Examination Form to the nearest Chinese embassy/consulate to apply for a student visa(X1 or X2).

    b.?Please make sure that the embassy/consulate returns?the Admission Notice and JW201/202 when you retrieve your passport. These documents should be provided when you extend your visa in China.

    c.?Please take X visa to come to China. Students with other visas?cannot register at HIT.

    2.?Residence Permit

    a.?Students who hold X1 visa must convert the visa to a Residence Permit within 30 days of their arrival in China.

    b.?Students,?who hold X2 visa, needn’t to convert their visa if the validity of visa is longer than the study period. If students want to continue their study and extend visa, please consult the admission coordinator.?

    3.?Visa Application on Campus

    Address: Room 306 College of International Education

    Office Tel: 0451-86403742

    Documents need to be submitted:

    a. Original Passport and copy of passport

    b. Copy of Chinese Visa, copy of the page with the most recent entry stamp

    c. One photo (4.5cm*3.5cm)

    d. Residence Registration Form (839 Data Sheet). Students must register at the local police station within 24 hours. Those who live on campus, the dormitory staff will help them to process?the Residence Registration Form. Students renting apartments off-campus must go to their local police station to complete the Residence Registration Form.

    e. Two copies of Admission Notice

    f. Tuition payment receipt

    g. Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Required for the students who plan to attend a program with a duration?longer than 1 year or who are converting?their X1 visa to a Residence Permit for the first time. Students who have held a Residence Permit for over one year and who have not left China during that period do not need to submit this form.?


    Ⅵ. Campus Life


    New students should take original passport and 4 photos to check in at the international?student dormitory. Students, who live on campus, should pay for the accommodation fee at the dormitory front desk; for those who live off campus dormitory, should pay for the accommodation fee when they pay for the tuition at the rate of 600 RMB/month.

    HIT International Students Dormitories:

    First campus:

    A13, A06, A10 Dormitory: No. 92 Xidazhi Street, Nangang District, Harbin

    Jinyuan Dormitory: No. 38, Tongda Street, Nangang District, Harbin

    Hate Dormitory: No. 108, Xidazhi Street, Nangang District, Harbin

    Haiyun Dormitory: No. 19, Xidazhi Street, Nangang District, Harbin

    Ziyuan Dormitory: No. 12, Hujun Street, Nangang District, Harbin

    Siji Dormitory: No. 40, Hujun Street, Nangang District, Harbin

    Baihe Dormitory: No. 55, Tongda Street, Nangang District, Harbin

    Second campus:

    B01 Dormitory: No. 73, Huanghe Road, Nangang District, Harbin

    2.?Housing off Campus

    Please register at the local police station within 24 hours with the assistance of?your?landlord.?




    6.?School bus

    First campus?to the Second campus

    a.?Monday to Friday:

    Departure time: 8:30a.m. to 4:00 p.m.(school bus runs every half an hour, except?12:30)

    b.?Saturday and Sunday:

    07:30a.m.: from the second campus to the first campus

    4:30p.m.: from the first campus to the second campus

    First campus?to the Science Park (Monday to Friday)

    a. From the first campus: 08:00, 10:00, 13:30, 15:40

    b. From the Science park: 09:00,11:20,14:10,16:30

    Jinyuan Dormitory to the Second Campus (International Students Bus)

    07:00: Jinyuan Dormitory--first campus—second campus

    17:45: Second campus—first campus—Jinyuan Dormitory

    7.?Campus Banks


    Ⅴ. Physical Examination


    a. Original Passport

    b. Valid a complete set of original Physical Examination report in your home country if you have.

    c.?4 photos(4.5cm*3.5cm)

    d.?Physical examination fee: 300-400 RMB(around43-60 USD)

    2.?Physical Examination Address

    a.?No. 33, Minyi Street, Nangang District, Harbin (Second Affiliated to Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine)

    Tel: 0451-87093444 15846346666

    b.?No. 9, Ganshui Road, Xiangfang District,Harbin(Heilongjiang Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau)

    Tel: 82337601-3101

    c.?Working Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-10:30 a.m.

    d.?Please go to the hospital to get the Physical Examination Report according to the appointed time.

    e.?Do not eat or drink water to keep an empty stomach from 8:00p.m. of the day before the physical examination to the morning of that day. Take a good rest 2-3 days before the physical examination; take?light diet 1 day before the physical examination. If you have a fever or take medicine, please postpone?the physical examination.

    f.?The physical examination result is generally valid for 6 months.

    The above information is for reference?only. Please follow the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau regulations and explanations.


    Ⅵ. Campus Network

    Please take passport, residence card to your coordinator to apply for the campus network.


    Ⅶ. Insurance

    All the international?students should purchase insurance at the following rate according to the regulation of Ministry of Education.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????(Unit: RMB)


    1 year

    6 months

    3 months

    2 months

    1 month







    For detailed information, please visit www.lxbx.net.


    Ⅷ. Contact Us

    Visa Office: 0451-86403742

    International Students Office: 0451-86412021;0451-86412741;0451-86403741

    Recruitment and Career Advise Office:0451-86402455;0451-86418461;0451-86412647


    Ⅸ. Campus Map



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