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    Program Introduction

    Founded in 1920, HIT has developed into an open, multidisciplinary, research-oriented, leading nation university. In 1954, HIT became one of China’s first six leading universities. Since its beginning, HIT has always had a strong international environment. In accordance with a mutual desire to promote international academic, cultural and scientific exchange, now HIT has signed academic cooperation agreements with 278 universities in 39 countries. ?

    HIT welcomes the exchange students from our global partner universities, and both Chinese language program and degree courses are open to select for exchange students. Exchange students shall select the courses or research according to the study requirements of the home university, credits obtained at HIT will be transferred back to the home university as the agreement.


    1. Applicants must be in good health and abide by Chinese laws and HIT rules and regulations.

    2. The exchange agreement should be within the validity period.

    3. Applicants should be the regularly enrolled full-time degree students at the partner university.

    4. Officially nominated by the partner university.

    5. Length of stay is based on the agreement, the maximum duration is no more than one academic year for each exchange student.

    Application Documents

    Applicants are expected to complete the online application (link:?https://hit.at0086.cn/) and upload the following documents online:

    1.? ? Digital photo

    2.? ? Passport information page

    3.? ? Official study certificate from the home university (in English or Chinese)

    4.? ? Transcripts from the home university (in English or Chinese)

    5.? ? Language proficiency certificate:

    Chinese language programs: no need

    Chinese-taught program: HSK 4 (210 or above)

    English-taught programs: English proficiency certificate for non-native speakers

    6.? ? A recommendation letter from the International Office of the home university

    7.? ? Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

    8.? ? Study or research plan (only for Master and PhD level students). We will appoint a supervisor or scientific advisor for each Master and PhD level exchange students based on his or her study plan during the stay at HIT.

    Application Dates

    For fall semester: March 15---June 30

    For spring and summer semester: September 15---December 30

    Academic Calendar

    Spring semester: February 21---July 01, 2022

    Summer semester: July 04---August 29, 2022

    Fall semester: September 05---January 06, 2023


    The medical insurance is required to purchase at HIT upon arrival.

    160 RMB/month ???800 RMB/Year

    Contact Us

    For English: E-mail: StudyatHIT@hit.edu.cn

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Telephone: +86-451-86402455

    For Korean: E-mail: piaoyuejin@hit.edu.cn

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Telephone: +86-451-86412647

    For Russian: E-mail:?aiwenxin@hit.edu.cn

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Telephone: +86-451-86418461

    Download Formats

    Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

    Study Plan

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